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Processing logs in real-time

I thought about how to process logs faster than using a cron job to poll for updates and I found mkfifo which you can use to get what’s written in real time. It makes a FIFO pipe which acts like a regular unix file except it has to be opened for reading (using fopen) before writing to it. I tested it on Snow Leopard, it is the same in linux as well.

After getting the updates in real time you can pushing them to a queue server like RabbitMQ for processing. Here’s how I done it using Ruby, Eventmachine and amqp gem:

mihai$ mkfifo log
mihai$ ruby1.9 publisher.rb log &
mihai$ echo "Test" > log


After a clean install of Snow Leopard I decided not to use MacPorts but to go with homebrew. Its main advantages are no duplication (macports installed its own version of ruby, python and other libs) and the path layout: packages are installed into their own prefix (eg. /usr/local/Cellar/wget) and then symlinked into the Homebrew prefix (eg. /usr/local).

And because all of the formulas are in git, to add one you just fork the project on GitHub, push your formula and make a pull request. Because of that it’s one of the most forked project on GitHub.

That’s what I did and now you can install Tokyo Cabinet and Tokyo Tyrant from my fork (I hope it will be merged into master soon) from main repo:

brew install tokyo-tyrant

(yep, no sudo needed).

Clearance - login with username

For my Rails projects currently I’m using Thoughtbot's stack (Shoulda, factory_girl) and now I switched to Clearance. I love it because it’s tested and it’s easy to extend. One such modification that I need is to allow users to login with username. I wrote a demo app and here’s a tutorial on how to do it yourself:

1. Install clearance and run the generator

2. Test UsersController#new includes a username (or “handle” or whatever) text field


And watch it fail:

test: The public When getting new User view should display username field. 
(UsersControllerTest) [/test/functional/users_controller_test.rb:11]:
There must be a username field.
<false> is not true.

Add the field to app/views/users/_form.html.erb to fix it (it still won’t pass because the model does not have the username field yet):

  <%= form.label :username %>

<%= form.text_field :username %>

3. Create migration to add username:

$ script/generate migration AddUsernameToUsers username:string

$ rake db:migrate

And update the factory test/factories/clearance.rb:

4. Test the User model to validate presence of username and to allow mass assignment

test/unit/user_test.rb should be:

Now the unit tests are failing, to fix them we need to add validations to the User model and make the username field accessible:

5. Test SessionsController#create that given a User’s username for the :email value, the User should be signed in

Which fails because we only check email. Add a test for the User#authenticate method so it checks email too:

Add the implementation to the User model and all tests pass:

Please post your suggestions/comments, this post was written at 2am and it may have inacurracies.